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ChangeLog 2.4.0: 18th Mai 2015

  • Features:
    • add: add new member in guild now also for admirals and stoage manager
    • fix: ship limit difference in the auctions house
    • add: new war ship "Huker" (bigger, wider, stronger, more cannon power) with 31 classes
ChangeLog 2.3.0: 01th Apr 2015

  • Features:
    • add: 20 new guild-pirate missions
    • add: new mini action game "Pirate Adventure"
    • add: easter theme + oster event games
    • del: fortuneteller is removed
    • add: negative ship effects not for players with less than 50.000 prestige
    • mod: GoldCoin war ships lift up for free in your guild
ChangeLog 2.2.0: 24th Jan 2015

  • Features:
    • add: 6 neue Gilden-Piraten Missionen
    • add: war ship builder with 120 war ship classes
ChangeLog 2.1.3: 10th Dez 2014

  • Features:
    • add: christmas theme
    • add: new war ship
    • add: new pirate missions
ChangeLog 2.1.3: 25th Okt 2014

  • Features:
    • add: halloween 2014 theme
ChangeLog 2.1.2: 20th Juli 2014

  • Features:
    • add: more pirate missions
ChangeLog 2.1.1: 15th April 2014

  • Features:
    • add: Easter time event

ChangeLog 2.1.0: 05th Feb 2014

  • Features:
    • add: guild warehouse
    • add: dockyard guild warehouse
    • add: apprenticeship goods from guild warehouse
    • add: contor upgrads from guild warehouse
    • add: farmland constructions supportet guild warehouse

ChangeLog 2.0.0: 15th Nov 2013

  • Features:
    • add: 50% more farmland space
    • add: 225 new ships through ship classes
    • add: 4 new building places
    • add: group hug smiley
    • mod: 50 ships max, new: excluding war ships

ChangeLog 1.9.10: 12th Mai 2013

  • Features:
    • fix: shop description in city
    • fix: date in production buildings
    • fix: city names Jaffa and Tanger
    • fix: end of employee list
    • fix: generell achievement description
    • fix: service fee for cash gifts
    • fix: scrolling in counting house goods balance
    • fix: parallax background fishing
ChangeLog 1.9.9: 11th october 2012

  • Features:
    • mod: upgrade of all javascript libraries
    • fix: mail send (register / activation, / forget password)
    • mod: special character in passwords possible
    • add: all donee get a messages
    • mod: change cost, if you give away gold coins
    • mod: change limit, if you give away gold coins

ChangeLog 1.9.8: 4th september 2012

  • Features:
    • fix: hire a Kaptain
    • fix: register promotion code
    • fix: linked menu (Shop)
    • fix: registration bug
    • fix: Bug in "gifts to all" button
    • fix: Ships repair now possible without gulden, but with Gold Coins
    • fix: Official Reward. Item reward every 5 days
    • mod. Guild change now without time limit
    • mod: daily reward now always pick-up able between 00:00 to 23:59
    • mod: upgrade software base system
    • mod: In the first 4 Days, a ships can be lifted up for free
    • new: new city event: woodworm infestation
    • new: you can give away gold coins or gulden
    • new: Guild stones can be reduced
    • new: GMs and Moderators are listed in the online list
    • new: Boost gold production now with confirmation question
    • new: Viewable ship loading in the marketplace
    • new: Mouse movement type is now selectable in the settings
    • new: helpers of a city quest have now in the list a profile link
    • new: Guild members can be sorted in the guild list

ChangeLog 1.9.7: 14th august 2012

  • Features:
    • fix: double evenets at the townquest.
    • fix: manager runs alltime 30 min longer as stated.
    • fix: show defense value from the ships.
    • fix: spelling Tanger
    • fix: spelling Jaffa
    • fix: display consumption material during double production
    • fix: display build time from 6th storage
    • del: twitter functions removed.
    • new: scrolling behavior at the friend land is now equal with yor own land
    • new: add a back button in gold coins buy
    • new: you can sunken guild-ships to lift up direct in your guild
    • new: a new friend list with extra informations
    • new: storage new build also without prestige or Items possible
    • new: add a 2 hour time limit vote for each office positions
    • new: long time inactive player no more in a ranking
    • new: presents "to all" select
    • new: language select in your setup (de,en,fr*,es,pt,it,pl,ru,cn)
    • new: friend box only to collect, when enough space in your storage
    • mod: link gold coins menue direct to gold coin buy
    • mod: "treasure house" is now "shop"
    • mod: treasure hunting "old Krake" exchange to premium ship "Nao"
    • intern: shipping traffic log
ChangeLog 1.9.0: 28-10-2011

  • Features:
    • Completely new PvE-Content
    • War ships available now
    • Now there is a new function in the guild hous: Quests
    • Send your war ships to the guild
    • There are great treasures for winning quests
    • Scout and Commodore are available in the quest menu
    • Get a overview about every battle in the quest menu
    • New rank in the guild: Fleet Admiral
    • Bugfixes

ChangeLog 1.8.9: 16-08-2011

  • Features:
    • Completely new Tutorial
    • Acceleration of education of children
    • Improvement in post office
    • Improvement of player profiles
  • Bugfixes:
    • Sending goods to a friend is now only possible when in the office of a friend is enough space
    • The result of an election to an office is now more transparent
    • If a new office is bought the player will now automatically receive an additional sea slot and an additional dock slot
    • Production boost through friends works correctly now
    • If a ship is bought for gold coins, a converted value in Gulden is taken in the balance sheet of the office

ChangeLog 1.8.8: 06-07-2011

  • New Friendlist: inviting friends, giving presents, visit and trading with each other is now possible.
  • Invitations per mail or search within the palyers list added
  • There can convois be send to friends containing material
  • Presentsystem: you can now offer your friends special gifts or get some from them
  • The building site of your friends can be visited now
  • Productionspots of your friends are now boostable by using your trading medals
  • Many Items, gold coins and gulden can be collected on the building sites of your friends
  • New avatar and profile system, connected to the achievements
  • The dynasty and profile menu is now optimzed and can be seen by your friends

ChangeLog 1.8.7: 08-06-2011

  • the feature "list of ships" at the harbor master was revisited and replaced with "list of convoys"
  • the maximum number of convoys and active convoys on the sea was limited by the convoy-slots
  • dockyard was redesigned and the look and feel of docyard was adapted to port
  • 25 new types of ships were added
  • The event management was adapted. Convoys are now less frequently affected by the same events.
  • When sending a convoy a symbol will apear over the city of start.
  • The difference between the two variants of sending convoys ('lowest wear' and 'shortest time') were adjusted.

ChangeLog 1.8.6: 11-05-2011

  • added new achievements that can be viewed by player
  • The look of harbor was improved
  • New market look, which makes the trading in office and ships more clearly
  • Golden galeass was moved in the dockyard
  • The dockyard was adjusted visually
  • Various bug fixes

ChangeLog 1.8.5: 20-04-2011

  • list of ships on the sea and possibility to shorten the trip by offer
  • new achievements added:
    medals for successful trade by sea.
    Medals can be used as single-use boosts for production buildings.
  • tutorial extended by :
    • steps for tavern (vagabonds and ship crew)
    • steps in the dockyard needed to buy, build, repair and equip ships militarily
    • short introduction into functions of harbour master
    • short introduction into functionality of contor
  • multiple bugfixes

ChangeLog 1.8.4: 06-04-2011

  • Features
    • voting-system with reward
    • shop-optimization
    • list of online players
    • name of guild can be changed
    • cargo of ships in harbour and in market is visible
  • Fixed Bugs
    • guild-chat: not separated by users language
    • sales/purchases in contor selectable again
    • carter includes the bonuses (e.g. guild-ring)

ChangeLog 1.8.3: 16-03-2011

  • Features
    • Chatmodul enlarged and positioned on the right
    • Socialbar to invite your friends
    • Translation tool for corrections
    • Block function to ignore players
  • Fixed Bugs
    • Building on maximum can be pulled down
    • Feedback for arrival of your ships

ChangeLog 1.8.2: 02-03-2011

  • Features
    • Skip button for tutorial
    • Time of arrival of your ships can now be seens in your contor overview
    • Online state of your guildmembers visible
    • Manager menu redesigned
  • Fixed Bugs
    • Tutorial order corrected
    • Captains with zero points will be deleted now
    • Image map in harbour adjusted
    • Treasuremaps now won't be lost anymore at the 7th treasure hunt

ChangeLog Version 1.8.1: 23-02-2011

  • Features
    • Menu at the buildingsite is now enlarged and much more clear
    • Stadtbote umstrukturiert, mit neuen Geschenken bei Login
    • Tutorial enhanced and improved
    • Feedback for loots you get during tutorial
    • Sales popup now much more clear
  • Fixed Bugs
    • Repairing Ships in Opera
    • Slider problem in Chrome
    • Goods in buildings
    • Soldier in ships
    • Player reset adjusted

Venetians is a trading and business simulation. The Mediterranean area during the 15th century is the setting for the events. With a bit of luck and a lot of skills you will become the Prince of your town. Conduct trade with thousands of other players and become the richest and most prestigious trade Dynasty. Have fun and the best of luck!

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